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Of Interest – Words of Wisdom


“All houses have a soul. They speak to you. They say, Do this, do that. It’s a sensibility I feel when I walk into a new space. I hear with my eyes. The day I moved into the lodge I had an enveloping, welcoming feeling. It’s the sort of house that as you put something in, it says thank you. Nothing seems to annoy it. It’s a combination of taste and memory and a capsule of everything I’ve ever done: my parents’ house, things I’ve picked up on holiday. It all flows together in my mind and becomes a blur.”  Nicky Haslam…

Of Interest – Personal Style



Here are the women I work with every day……and every day they inspire me. They are smart, talented and really fun to be with. We make a great group – we work really well together which is a blessing! They bring different skills and sensibilities to our projects. We are all collaborative by nature and I think that makes what we do so much more interesting. We learn from each other. I’m REALLY lucky. Here are their homes, their voices and their……Personal Style

Ti Hensby

What I find to be important in my home are beautiful, colorfully printed fabrics, a mix of artwork, furniture that has either been a good find or passed down through family or a friend, and anything special that Scotty and I have collected along the way or picked up in our travels. We like to be able to look around our house and for everything to have meaning – my favorite celadon lamp from my grandfather, our collection of matches gathered from everywhere we go, the printed fabrics I can’t live without, and the Richard Crozier painting given to us as a wedding gift from Suellen are just a few examples. Scotty and I love our house – it’s a happy, comfortable home where we love to entertain and a place where we’ve made lots of wonderful memories. And of course our house wouldn’t be complete without our a big, sweet ole dog…Scout!





Lizzie Cox

I am a homebody at heart, so making a house a home is a priority to me. I share my house with my husband, a born collector, and my 16-month-old daughter, a born explorer. From the miniature baby carriage my daughter and I push up and down the hall for hours at a time–to the passed-down art from family, our house is filled with the things we love…old black and white photos of childhood memories to stacks of puzzles, piles of Eric Carle books and baby dolls galore! Formerly my grandparents’ home, the walls of this house are filled with cherished childhood memories. Today, these memories are coupled with newly formed memories as our daughter grows into a little girl, discovering new things each and every day. Our house is welcoming yet calming, livable yet lovable…We love it and hope you do, too!





Megan Lowden

My personal space is a bit ironic. On the one hand, I am often hired to help people simplify and edit, yet I am only happy in my own space when my eyes are always full of the things I love…and LOTS of them! When Suellen asked me to write something about my space for this post, it hit me like lightening – there has been a recurring theme over the years in our discussions about design projects. When we talk about clients and how to help them make sure that their home conveys their own personal style, the same word comes up over and over again – CONFIDENCE. Personal style cannot exist without confidence. I may not be confident wearing my skinny jeans at this particular moment, and I may not be confident about my housekeeping abilities, but what I hope is evident in the photos of my space is that I have absolute confidence in my personal style, and I can honestly say that I truly love my things. I don’t make excuses, and I know that not everyone will love my “look,” but what matters is that I DO. The most challenging yet rewarding moments for designers come when they help a client realize their own personal style.





Of Interest – The Scout Guide


We are in The Scout Guide Richmond! It is a local advertising publication full of wonderful businesses here in Richmond… they have published guides
for fabulous cities including Charleston, Charlotte, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Palm Beach – and many more. Their website gives you access to all of their
advertisers, the guides for each city and their blogs. We follow all of them! You can too……


Of Interest – Florida Dreaming

With winter upon us we are dreaming about a wonderful Florida project we did last winter.
Our clients were wonderful – adventuresome – color loving! It was such a treat to work there……..wish we were there right now!








Of Interest – New Project!

Here is a project we did this summer for a wonderful client and friend.  She is adventuresome – fun – and loves color.


Entry –  Really welcoming!


Living Room

ofint_0003  ofint_0004


Dining Room chair seats – each one different


We selected the linoleum  ( yes lino ) for the floor and had the Galbraith paper colored to match



Pretty Bedroom Cabinet


Of Interest – Inspiration


I am inspired by so many things – and so many people. Iconic designers – landscape architects – artists……too many to name! I have been thinking lately of the people I am lucky to count as friends who constantly inspire me. I have decided to show their homes, gardens, work spaces and creations – here on my website.

My friends Byron and Lawson live on Columbus Avenue in New York with their two Italian Greyhounds – Mouse and Hero. They both work in the city and they make the most of living there. They are both Southerners and they bring this aesthetic – this way of decorating – this need to surround themselves with all of the things they love and treasure and have very personal connections to – right into a lovely, light filled New York apartment. One immediately feels at home there.

They are exceptional!

They are collectors – they have an amazing eye and combine what they like with far from reckless abandon……they stack and arrange and hang from wires – and it all looks curated and laid back at the same time. Byron and I talk design a lot – we’re junkies – but they basically do their own thing……together.

Many thanks to Olga Naiman for styling this for me…….she has a keen eye – fabulous taste and is really fun to work with.

And to Kip Dawkins – my wonderful photographer – who made the trip up with me and took these amazing photographs!


This is their Foyer – the shelves are attached by way of magnets to the metal boards that are mounted on the wall!  Byron thought that one up!



This is the den/spare bedroom/office – New Yorkers are great at multi tasking their living spaces. You can see Mouse and Hero here too – they are formally known as Italian Greyhounds – informally known as “The Chickens”













Of Interest – Veranda


We are in the August 2012 issue of Veranda!




This is so exciting for us – it is a house very dear to our hearts – a wonderful, lovely historic home here in Richmond.  We just love how the photos and story turned out.


They sent us an amazing photographer Laura Resen.  You can see more of her work at


All of this would not have been possible without the help of the wonderful people in Richmond that I am lucky to work with everyday (plus a couple of amazing North Carolinians)!


Franko LaFratta Construction, Inc.
HJ Holtz and Son
Reynolds Gallery
Kitchen Designworks
Kim Faison
Tommy’s Garden
Carter Skinner
Chip Callaway


I will publish more of this wonderful project on my website this fall……stay tuned!


Veranda is just such a wonderful magazine – I have issues dating back to the beginning – and I love Lisa Newsom’s book The Houses of Veranda – if you haven’t bought yours – go and get it – it is a treasure!


It was such a treat to meet her daughter Leslie – who came to do our story. What a talent!  And a sweetheart!


I was  fortunate to go with them to the Veranda 25th Anniversary Party at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York in March.


What an event!  A designer’s dream come true!




Here I am with darling Lisa Newsom!


And here we are with Leslie!



Of Interest – A Porch at the Beach – 3 Views



Here is a porch at the beach. This is a wonderful old grey shingle house close to the ocean at Virginia Beach. There are parents, four grown children and 5 grandchildren – and counting……lots of cousins and friends are always around because it’s such a fabulous house – comfortable and fairly bulletproof! I designed this trestle table and benches and Zack Jester ( built them for me and white washed parts with marine paint. The base of the table and the benches are all made form antique cypress – the top of the table is reclaimed walnut. The lantern is from Coleen Rider ( and the mirror was found on a shopping trip to LA last year.