The success of Suellen Gregory Interior Design is best explained by a single word – passion. Her innate aesthetic sensibilities, warm personality, and desire to truly know each client result in a dynamic infusion of her expertise and her client’s personal style.  To say that Suellen eats, sleeps, and breathes design would be an understatement.

A voracious reader and avid traveler, Suellen is constantly finding inspiration in her daily experiences.  Her client’s personalities and lifestyles provide the keystone elements that make each project a true reflection of the homeowner’s style tempered with Suellen’s creative vision.  While Suellen’s ability to execute classic interiors is certainly well-known, her open mind is what allows her to meld traditional decor with a fresh and well-studied perspective.  Suellen creates interiors that are thoughtful, deliberate, timeless, and most importantly, personal.

 Suellen currently lives in her hometown of Richmond Virginia.

Here's where I am now, I'm in 880 sqft and loving every moment of it


My parents Charlotte and Arthur Korn

My sisters Lee and Charlotte and me

My children: Lindsay, Charlie, Ernie and Jamie

Ernie, Sarah, Gus (7) and Margot (4)

Lindsay, Quincy, Adeleye (7) and Livvy (5) 

Jamie, Neil, Seamus (10) and Jane (6)

Charlie and Mitchell